17 May 2021
  • Distributable earnings up 8.5%
    • Distributable earnings per A-share up 2.9%
    • Distributable earnings per B-share up 16.8%
  • Contractual rental income up 1.8%
  • Combined NAV per share up 4% to R10.59
  • Loan-to-value ratio decreased by 11% to 35.7%
  • Interim dividend comprising 100% of distributable earnings declared
    • 59.02 cents per…

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Dipula Reports Growth in Distributions and Portfolio

May 21, 2018

JSE diversified REIT, Dipula Income Fund (Dipula), today announced continued distributable income growth of 11.5% for the six months to February 2018.  The REIT ended the period with a portfolio of R7.1 billion, which will escalate in value to R8.5 billion on the transfer of previously published acquisitions. During the interim period Dipula finalised the internalisation of its Manco which should further enhance the…

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Dipula beats tough economy to maintain dividend growth

May 17, 2017

JSE diversified REIT – Dipula Income Fund (Dipula) – today reported strong interim growth with a 9,5% increase in distributable earnings on the prior period. This resulted in a 6,3% increase in dividends per combined share for the six months to February 2017, despite a limping economy. This translates into growth in dividends per share for  A-shareholders of  5% and 7,9% for B-shareholders. The group…

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Dipula delivers solid results despite constrained macro environment

November 20, 2019

Salient Features

  • Revenue increased by 17% from R1.14 billion to R1.34 billion
  • Net property income up 19% to R927.2 million
  • Vacancies reduced by 20% to 6%
  • Net tangible asset value increased by 3% to R10.11
  • Net property cost to income ratio down 8% to 17%
  • Gearing levels stable at 40%
  • Combined dividends of 192.96 cents per share
  • A-share dividend of 110.25 cents…

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Dipula Continues Delivering Growth in Tough Economy

November 15, 2017

JSE diversified REIT, Dipula Income Fund (Dipula), has overcome tough macro-economic conditions to post a 5.8% increase in combined dividends per share for the year to August 2017, driven entirely by organic growth.  In a challenging economy the REIT edged revenue over the R1 billion mark.  The property portfolio was valued at R6.9 billion at year-end.  Today’s announcement follows that of last week regarding Dipula’s strategic…

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Dipula delivers top end distributions

November 17, 2016

JSE diversified REIT, Dipula Income Fund, continued its distribution growth trend despite the challenging property market, with an 8% increase year-on-year to 185,97 cents a share for the year to August 2016 off the back of mainly organic growth. This translates into growth in distribution per A-share of 5% and 11.5% per B share. On the back of acquisitions worth R1.2 billion, the property portfolio increased 27%…

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Dipula’s Continued Disciplined Execution of Strategy Delivers Solid Results

November 20, 2018


  • Property portfolio up 25% to R8.6 billion
  • Vacancies down to 7.5% (2017: 8.5%)
  • Office vacancies down 51% y-o-y
  • Distributable earnings up 17.8% to R504.2 million
  • DIA dividend up 4,5%; DIB dividend up 4,4% y-o-y
  • 32% oversubscribed capital raise of R790 million

19 November 2018, Johannesburg: SA-focussed and diversified REIT, Dipula Income Fund (“Dipula”), reported double-digit growth in distributable earnings…

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Dipula Grows Portfolio to R8.5 Billion through Strategic Acquisitions

November 10, 2017

JSE diversified REIT – Dipula Income Fund (Dipula) – today announced its intention to acquire a diverse property portfolio for a purchase consideration of R1.27 billion, taking Dipula’s total portfolio value to more than R8.5 billion. The forward yield of the acquisition is 11.7%.

Dipula CEO Izak Petersen says: “This acquisition is in line with our strategy of acquiring quality…

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Pretoria News: Listed property sector holds up

June 13, 2016

All-in returns of between 10 percent and 15 percent are on the cards for the listed property sector this year, predicts Dipula Income Fund chief executive Izak Petersen.

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